Final Design

The Final Design

For our third and final design, we decided to solve every major problem we faced and determined to make the most effective design yet for accomplishing our mission. The analysis will be in the next section, but here is the overview of the design, with the fixed problems. This would end up being our final design because of all the beauty and simplicity of it. It also solves every other major problem of the previous designs. It would also be very simple to make, could be manufactured in one day, and has almost no moving parts. Below is how it is solving each of the other designs’ flaws.

1. The hydrodynamics. This design is much more hydrodynamic than the first design but not as hydrodynamic as the second design. It is a perfect middle ground that allows for seamless flow to go around, but it also produces enough drag when diving that there is almost no lift. In the analysis, we can look at exactly how the flow around the object moves, and it is quite fascinating to see.

2. The thruster placement. In total there are four thrusters, and they are much more spaced out than the first design. Looking closely at the two stern thrusters one can see that they are both tilted down thirty-five degrees. This means that the thrusters can freely move the UUV without interference from the other thrusters. Unlike the second design, there are two thrusters on the rear which means the UV can spin in the yaw direction, while still moving forwards and backward. The two vertical thrusters provide the diving and re servicing capabilities comma and is the best of both design one in two

3. The view. The problem with the first design as stated is that it cannot view directly down. This was fixed in the second design iteration and thus that component has been moved to this final design. It provides a clear view of everything below the UUV, especially the oysters which are being analyzed. The camera will be on a gimbal, therefore the whole UUV does not have to news to change the camera angle.

4. The limited mobility. As previously stated in the thruster’s placement, this UUV can surge forward, insert backward, heave up, he down, and yaw. This is exactly what we need to be able to do, and anything more than this would just be extra and unnecessary for our mission.

5. The watertight seal. Stealing the idea of a watertight Hall from our first design, and fixing the problems with the second design, we decided to move forward with a one hundred percent watertight hull. This allows us not to worry about water getting in like the second design, but the only holes that will be in this design are special penetrators made for wires running to the motor and tether.

6. The moving parts. This design fixed one of the major implications of the second design, which was the moving parts from the ballast tank and the rudder. There are only four moving parts in this entire design which are simply the motors on the thrusters.

Full Assembly

Back Assembly

Front Assembly