• Use of ArduSub, a fully featured open source solution for ROV control

  • Implementation of Pixhawk microcontroller.

  • Water Protection to operate at 10m depth w/ safety margin to at least 15m

  • Total cost: ≤ $300

  • Mass: ≤ 10kg dry

  • Maximum Size:

    • Length: <60cm (~2ft)

    • Width: <60cm

    • Height: <60cm.

  • Regulation Compliance

    • Coast Guard (collision avoidance/underwater obstruction indicators, …)

    • FCC (radio communications & emissions)

      • Frequencies

      • Power

The UUV is to use Ardusub to accomplish her mission. Ardusub is a fully-featured open-source solution for UUV manual and autonomous control. It has many out-of-the-box features including feedback stability control, depth and heading hold, and autonomous navigation. Ardusub is the leading platform for any underwater vehicle and is widely used on a variety of missions. Another constraint is the use of a Pixhawk controller. This is accomplished using Ardusub since the internal navigation systems inside of a pixhawk are used for stability and heading control. It is also used to determine the location based on a variety of methods.

The UUV must be completely waterproof and leak-tight during normal operation, to a maximum dive depth of ten meters, with a safety margin of up to fifteen meters. The total cost of the UUV should be under $300. The overall cost may exceed this requirement since extra funds are available. In its current stage of design, the total project cost is still under $300. The mass and maximum size allowed are as follows. The maximum allowable mass of the UUV is ten kilograms. The maximum size of the UUV in all three dimensions is 60 centimeters (approximately 24 inches).